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Golf Course Rules

All players must register prior to play

All players must start on #1 tee unless permission is granted by pro-shop or starter

Each player must have their own set of clubs - rental sets available

Dress Code enforced: Men - no tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or cut-offs.  Women - no halter tops, tube tops, or short-shorts

No metal spikes allowed

Rainchecks to be issued for emergency or inclement weather only


Golf Cart Rules

Must be 16 years old to operate a golf cart - NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Keep carts at least 30 feet from all greens

Keep carts on paths around tee-boxes

Please utilize the correct number of carts for your group (ie - 4 players = 2 carts and 2 players = 1 cart)

Please obey all golf cart traffic markers (signs, ropes, and painted lines)

Riders must pay a riders' fee when an extra cart is used


Golf Course Etiquette

Ready golf is to be observed and is appreciated

Groups are expected to play 18 holes in at least a 4:20 pace at Country Oaks - slower groups will first be asked to pick up the pace and then asked to skip to the next hole in order to keep pace

Please repair all ball marks, replace divots, and rake the sand traps

No horseplay or vandalism will be tolerated

Excessive slow play or improper etiquette may result in a player's removal from the course 




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