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January Honorary Councilmember Recognized By Council for Service to the Community

During the final City Council meeting of the month, Damion Ross (right) was recognized by Councilmember David Lewis (left) for his service to the community as the honorary councilmember for the month of January.

“This was a great experience and I wish that everyone would attend at least one meeting,” Ross said. “It was a great honor to be able to sit among the leaders of our community.”

He noted that even though his time as honorary councilmember has ended, he plans to still attend additional council meetings.

Ross, a Thomasville native, has been serving the community as a firefighter with Thomas County Fire Rescue for approximately five years. Ross also has close ties with the City Council, as he recently married Councilmember Lewis’ granddaughter, Asia Lewis-Ross.

At various times each year, councilmembers select a citizen to be the honorary councilmember. As an honorary councilmember, citizens serve for a period of one month, during which time they participate in council meetings and council-related committee meetings, in order to give them a first-hand account of what it takes to keep Thomasville running smoothly.


Council Approves Utility 2015 Rates

During their January 12, 2015, regular session meeting, the City Council approved on second reading an ordinance adjusting rates for water, wastewater, natural gas, sanitation and CNS Television services.
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New Water Well One Step Closer to Completion

City of Thomasville Engineering Department Civil Technician Chris Loftis observes the deep well's casing being cleared out during a site visit.

Workers pump air into the new, 500-foot-deep water well in order to clear out any dirt and debris which may have been left behind during the boring process. The well, located off of Dillon Road, will add approximately 2 million gallons of capacity and much-needed redundancy to the City of Thomasville’s water network once it's brought online in mid-2015.


City Seeks Citizens' Input on Sign Ordinance Revisions

City of Thomasville staff are reaching out to the community for feedback as part of an initiative to bring clarity and consistency to the city's existing sign ordinances. Please take a moment to read over the most recent draft of the ordinance and submit any feedback to the City of Thomasville Planning Department using the e-mail address provided below.

Click the link below to view the most current draft of the proposed ordinance.

If you would like to submit feedback regarding the proposed changes to the existing sign ordinance, please e-mail them to Sharika Brown at sharikab@thomavsille.org.